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Oct 2017

What Happens When You Only Drink Juice for Three Days?


Here at Ruuby, we always get high on our own supply. And a juice cleanse is no different… as you might know, we offer an amazing Raw Press home juice delivery (central London, svp). We sent our CEO, Venetia, off to try it, alongside two of her beauty aficionado BFFS… This is what they reported back with…

Narrated by… Lauren Regan.

Venetia and I spend a lot of time together eating delicious food and then complaining about how much delicious food we’ve eaten before eating some more then occasionally doing the bare minimum in a few spin classes.

This was no good. We are two adult women with stressful full time jobs eating like gourmet frat boys, not being at all mindful about what we put into our bodies. ‘Enough!’ we exclaimed, dramatically throwing our hands in the air. We needed to cleanse and, with a good amount of fear and anxiety, signed ourselves up for Raw Press’s three day juice cleanse along with our veteran cleanse buddy Milli.



Our goals varied slightly: from a general system reboot to shifting a few persistent kilos and experimenting with a healthier attitude towards food. We were doing it together which is all warm and fuzzy, and this way we could compare our findings, feelings and anger levels over the ‘Green Juice So Loose’ WhatsApp group.

There’s a good amount of controversy surrounding juice cleanses. Many people, including lots of doctors, don’t believe there’s a nutritional benefit to any type of cleanse, from the Master Cleanse on down and that overwhelming your body with so much fructose can actually be detrimental to your health. We decided to take all advice both good and bad with a pinch of (Himalayan because it’s healthier) salt and hoped we would experience the clear skin/mind/heart/digestive tracts as our juicing predecessors.

So without further ado, join us, won’t you on this tumultuous juicy journey.   

[Disclaimer: Please consult your doctor if you’re considering a cleanse and have any concerns or pre-existing medical conditions.]

Day 1


It was a sunny Monday morning in London as I bounded down the Kings Road in my active-wear to meet Venetia (CEO and Mastermind of Ruuby) and Lauren (health and beauty aficionado) at Raw Press. I knew that in a mere 5 days I had to be parading around in a bikini and, as per usual, my #summerbody had fallen along the wayside in a month-long haze of Whispering Angel. However, assured that a juice cleanse would solve all my problems I was optimistic, albeit a little nervous.

What first surprised me about the juice cleanse was the volume of it; 8 juices per day plus 2 shots of ginger and turmeric seemed like A LOT of liquid; and it was.


By 4pm on the first day I found myself downing the juices much faster than advised in order to fit them all in. I did not feel hungry even by the evening, and felt surprisingly energetic, although this may have been a result of the 3 black coffees I had that day. I went to sleep feeling quite proud of myself for having gone without any food; a world apart from my usual snack-filled day at the office.


I’ll be honest – sure I wanted to overwhelm my ailing body with concentrated nutrients in liquid form, but this was mostly about quick weight loss prior to my imminent Italian sailing trip (never not vain).

Naturally cleansing was the last thing I felt like doing after a rather large meal last night, and I felt slightly chagrined that my participation was required. However, it was sort of nice to know what I’ll be eating (or simply ingesting) for the next three days was taken care of and that I wasn’t alone in this juicy journey.

Here are my reflections from day one from bed where I lay at 9.30pm (because I’m overwhelmed with deprivation, defeat and sadness) whilst sipping my cacao cashew ‘mylk’:

– Coffee = essential. I know technically that’s a nicht-nicht whilst cleansing but there we go

– The line between opting for a green juice when you so feel and then only drinking them for 72 hours is not a fine one. This abstinence is an aggressive adjustment and getting used to drinking so much liquid is rough. I only got through four of eight juices a day and found the constant need to pee super inconvenient.


Day 1 after a weekend away with much overindulgence. Delighted we have all approved coffee.

The first point of note is that you really are allowed a lot of juice. 8, to include a nut mylk (soon the highlight of my day), and 2 shots (turmeric and ginger). As soon as you get bored or flighty, its time for another juice. In fact, on day one I didn’t even finish my allocated portions – partly because I started a little later (around 11am). 

Today was hard, and I was really hungry. My body was not used to the absence of food, and I missed those distracted moments where I could get up and grab a snack. 




I wake up to 27 Whatsapps from the Green Juice So Loose group saying how magnificent, thin and not at all hungry they feel. To be honest I don’t feel hungry per-se, more that I miss eating and am really very bored of not being able to think about food.

Reality and the need for calories resurfaces around 1pm when I watch a friend eat sushi on a park bench. I then say something offensive to them, cause an argument and end up storming off and kicking some scaffolding in a defiant act of self-hatred. (I’m so sorry friend, you know who you are <3)

The lowest point of the day was blending a Xanax into my cashew milk before bed.  Need I say more? I think not.


Day 2 was a mixed day. The thing about a juice cleanse, is that it really is not predictable. I’d find myself with these amazing moments of clarity and productivity, and then five minutes later hit a lull. 

I also noticed that because I had less expendable energy, I actually focused a lot more on the task at hand. I tend to get distracted very easily, and work on many different projects at the same time (think: a thousand tabs.). Thinking about eating, and then going to get food, can be a real disruption, and I realised that sometimes I use it as an excuse to delay completion of a piece of work or difficult email. This juice cleanse has actually helped me understand my own triggers for distraction.

Today was easier. I knew I could just go home and go to sleep early, after a good ol’ turmeric milk and sweet greens, and wake up to the final run. 



I booked myself into a 7am boxing class at Kobox, which I thought was a little over-zealous but actually I was full of energy. With lemon juice in hot water when I woke up (recommended), followed by a green juice after the class I was high on adrenaline and much patting of my own back.

My day continued as normal; I was focused and felt much lighter, less sluggish, and my stomach was certainly beginning to look flatter.

The ‘Super Green Juice’ I had at lunchtime was a tad testing – very earthy and a little hard to stomach, but offset by a fire-hot ginger shot it was all very manageable.

Confession Time: I did break my juice cleanse that evening. I had my father’s birthday dinner and I certainly would have continued the cleanse under normal circumstances, but starvation is absolutely not tolerated in my family, so I skipped my Nut Mylk that evening and (begrudgingly) ate a very small tuna tartar and a glass of champagne. The guilt was crippling, but the tartar was the best I’ve ever tasted. I went to bed promising myself I would repent.



Repent I did – Venetia and I went to a hot yoga class at 7am. I sweated enough to need to wring out the towel I was standing on. My stomach was flat enough to just wear a sports bra during the class, which is a first!

By the afternoon I was beginning to feel particularly peckish, so mixed up the juices a little and treated myself to a premature Turmeric Mylk that was more filling than some of the other juices.

I suspected the evening would be a struggle, so I pre-emptively booked myself some at-home eyelash extensions from Ruuby, which I knew would take up enough time to deter me from raiding the fridge.  A lavender bath while watching the Victoria Secret 2016 Runway Show sent me off to sleep convinced I would wake up with Elsa Hosk’s body.



I’m woken at 8am by an energetic, post Bikram Yoga Milli who tells me how thin I look. Whilst these are certainly tidings of comfort and joy, truthfully I feel and look revolting. My skin has the texture and tone of a taupe Marc by Marc Jacobs handbag I bought in 2008 and I can only imagine how heinous I looked peering up to my sweet friend from a sweat sodden pillow. I’m still not hungry in so far as I could not tell you what it was that I wanted to eat or what I would eat if everything was called off at that moment. I imagined many excuses I could make for throwing in the towel, even trying to tempt Venetia into drinking champagne with me on day 2.

But I’ve come so far without letting into greed and boredom. I’m currently sitting on the plane with mere hours until the party’s over but rather than order 12 KitKats and a Chardonnay from the drinks trolley, I simply whisper angry thoughts about neighbouring passengers under my breath.


Finally day three. 

The feeling of accomplishment waking up after two days of no food is a good one— I wasn’t as hungry as yesterday, and was pretty relaxed about another day of juice.  Hot yoga called. I was mildly concerned I would fall over and pass out sans pre-session banana, but it was actually great. I felt a lot more focussed than usual, and did a much better class.  

Also, my skin. In two short days my skin has become so clear and fresh. It’s either the hardcore nutrient push from the juice, or the absence of certain food groups, but really amazing to see after two short days.

I sailed through the morning, and enjoyed my Deep Rooted (my favourite— it felt quite filling… and like a chocolate orange, which was possibly more food fantasy than anything else). I also had a moment of intense high, which was almost weird. I was reminded of a conversation with a girl from Juice Press in NYC. She said she went raw vegan for a couple of weeks and had such crazy energy that she almost wanted to eat a biscuit to calm down. 

Luckily, or unluckily, the feeling didn’t last for me like it did for the girl from Juice Press.

The afternoon was no fun at all. The juices that were my friends for the past two days started to annoy me. The citrus one in particular. I don’t quite know why. 

It was up and down and a real mental effort to get through. It wasn’t about the hunger, which was manageable, but the boredom and absence of mealtimes! I craved salmon sashimi like never before, and just couldn’t wait to eat real food.

Day three over, and excited for another amazing sleep— one of the main benefits I experienced.




Whilst not eating for three days is hard, I was more distressed about the boredom factor rather than being truly hungry. I would definitely recommend doing it with a couple of friends so you can hyper-analyse your feelings and emotions to an unhealthy degree as a team. Sure, I lost a couple of kilos and inevitably felt lighter but these effects were short lived and I put on all the weight I lost plus more within about a week. I do think there’s merit in fasting (particularly intermittent daily fasting) because it fits seamlessly into your routine and can be embraced with very little effort. The problem with a three day fast is that it turns three fully functioning work days into a dramatic and anti-social ordeal. Being that asshole drinking ‘sweet pumpkin latte pie mylk’ at your lunch meeting whilst everyone else orders pasta and chardonnay for example is torturous.

Would I do it again? No. Personally the effects for me weren’t long lasting or profound enough for me to want to put myself through another three days of dizziness and boredom. Perhaps if I was at a retreat away from social norms, human interaction and my full time job I might consider it but until then I want to train my body to crave the foods it actually needs rather than depriving it of all sustenance. So do I think the juice was worth the squeeze? I’m not so sure.  


I will never look like Elsa Hosk because I’m 5”4 and I love pasta and red wine, but the Raw Press Juice Cleanse certainly got me one step closer.

My first breakfast the next day of avocado toast was deliriously delicious, and I got dressed feeling lighter, healthier, and very happy. My skin was clear, my eyes were bright and my mind was sharp.

I would recommend these cleanses 100%, but not too often. They are a great re-set if you have over indulged and definitely give you an incentive to eat cleanly afterwards. However, drinking a bottle of rosé the day after, as I did, is absolutely not encouraged. 



The sense of accomplishment is amazing, and that first bite of food after the fast is magical (I actually went through to lunch the next day, as I was happy with a juice for breakfast). Never had a better salmon sashimi in my life. 

I really enjoyed the mental aspect of this. I liked the challenge of the three day cleanse. Personally, my food ethos is that healthy eating is fine, and we don’t really need to limit our consumption to just juices. BUT, I do believe we use food as a distraction, and sometimes we need to review our emotional attitudes to it, and as a result a cleanse offers a good reboot. 

Also, I definitely lost weight, which did make it all the more bearable. 

Words by: Lauren Regan, Milli Bennett, Venetia Archer

Photos courtesy of: Lauren Regan, Milli Bennett, Venetia Archer

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